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Whale Sharks Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is blessed once a year with arguably the world’s most amazing opportunity to experience Whale Sharks in their natural habitat! During the summer months (June-September), hundreds of Whale Sharks gather just north of Isla Mujeres in a seven mile radius to take advantage of the plankton, algae, and krill. A quick, but breathtakingly beautiful, one-hour boat from the docks on Isla Mujeres will put you right within the territory where your trained guide will search out the Whale Sharks and offer you an experience you will NEVER forget.

The advantages of chartering a boat for your whale shark trip: Your departure will be at your own convenience. You will have more time in the water swimming with the whale sharks instead of having to wait for your turn plus you will more opportunities to get back into the water.

We recommend an early start (7:00 am) in order to get to the Whale Shark area before you fills with other tour boats.


Maximum of 5 divers


We take a maximum of 5 divers on our Sailfish Adventure charter. Our clients are often avid travelers, divers, and photographers. Normally our clients book at least 3 days and sometimes as many as 7 days.

Contact Arturo for details and to arrange for your charter trip:

Email: arturo_delfin@hotmail.com
Cell: +52 998 578 7097

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