Isla Contoy is an uninhabited island that is a nationally protected bird sanctuary. It is about 45 minutes north of Isla Mujeres. The entire island is filled with birds natural to the area as well as many other creatures. Many visitors to Isla Mujeres may make the boat trip to Isla Contoy for a full-day excursion.

The day trip to Isla Contoy includes a continental breakfast, snorkeling stops along the way, stingray encounters and a grilled fish lunch on the beaches of Contoy Island. There is time for visitors to explore the island, sunbathe, or just relax and take in the splendid wonders of nature.

You will encounter many different species of wildlife during your visit to Isla Contoy. This is an incredible experience that is not to be missed! Come to Isla Mujeres and experience the wonders of Isla Contoy!

Isla Contoy
Isla Contoy
Isla Contoy

a nationally protected bird sanctuary

Since 1961 the island is protected by the Mexican government and was declared a national park in 1998. Isla Contoy is internationally recognized for its flora and fauna, especially the birds, of which more than 150 species are considered either resident or migratory.

Isla Contoy is jointly run by the Isla Mujeres-based non-governmental organization, Amigos de Isla Contoy A.C. and the Secretary of Environment, Natural Resources and Fishing (SEMARNAT). Supervised eco-tourism and regulated commercial fishing is allowed on and near the island. Only a few tour companies have permission to bring the only at maximum 200 daily visitors to Isla Contoy.

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Isla Contoy

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