There are several spectacular wrecks with abundant marine life in the nearby waters of Isla Mujeres, most which can be reached by boat between 10 to 30 minutes. These dives are for intermediate and advanced divers.



Depth: 100 feet
A sunken cargo ship 7 miles off of Isla Mujeres! With over two decades worth of coral and sponge growth, this ship is a spectacular artificial reef. It’s the home of a large moray eel, and several large jew fish. Turtles and rays are also frequently spotted! This dive is recommended for advanced divers.



Depth: 70 feet
Only 20 minutes by boat, there is another shipwreck, a shrimp boat 40 meters long, that sank during Hurricane Gilbert in 1988. There you will find Green Morey Eels 1.5 meters long, Nurse Sharks, Rainbow Parrot Fish, schools of Cobia fish, Groupers, Amberjacks and Snappers



Depth: 90 feet
A car ferry (and was also a floating restaurant for a short time in the early 90s) that was sunk around 1999. There is no penetration (divers can’t go into it). It is a great place for seeing schools of spotted eagle rays as well as very large barracuda, and lots of sea cucumbers.



Depth: 90 feet
Also known as the Navy Boat, this U.S. Navy minesweeper entered service in 1942 as the USS Symbol. The ship was intentionally scuttles in October of 2000 after 20 years of service in the Mexican Navy. Divers can investigate the vessel’s many rooms as well as the 57mm gun which remains in places on the bow. Currents often sweep the wreck which make it an intermediate to advanced dive.



Depth: 85 feet
Before transfer to the Mexican Navy in 1972, this ship was also a U.S. Navy minesweeper and patrolled these very waters during World War II. This is an advanced dive with strong currents. Schools of snappers, barracudas and groupers are always in residence and it is also a favorite spot for eagle rays.

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