Isla Mujeres is known for its abundant and varied marine life, reef and wreck diving, whale shark and sail fish excursions, and snorkeling. Also, Isla Mujeres hosts the newly inaugurated underwater sculpture museum, called “MUSA”, which was opened in late 2010 to help preserve Isla Mujeres’ reef sytems.There are over 50 local dive sites, most can be reached in less than 25 minutes. Among the most popular are:


Manchones Reef Isla Mujeres

Depth: 30 – 40 feet
With over 800 meters of reef, you’ll see terrific fields of elk horn, stag horn and brain coral! The vibrant colors of the reef and abundant schools of blue tangs, wrasse, grunts, and snappers. The large parrot, queen angel fish, and spotted trunkfish also make it a spectacular dive.


Bandera Reef Isla Mujeres

Depth: 40 feet
Located mid way between Cancun and Isla Mujeres, Bandera reef is a long, elongated coral reef topped with elk-horn coral and cut through with ledges and overhangs. Schools of barracuda and pompano swarm over the reef as well as large crabs, spotted moray eels, langosta, and angel fish.


Tavos Reef Isla Mujeres

Depth: 35 feet
An obscure dive site which is a small reef coupled with unique lime stone formations that have created a variety of crevices and tunnels, many of which are large enough for divers to pass through. This site also has the unique feature of attracting gray and white-tip reef sharks which seem to enjoy swimming through the arches.


Media Luna Isla Mujeres

Depth: 30 – 40 feet
“Media Luna” is a unique site with arches, ridges, and ledges that make it a great dive for underwater exploring. Large sea anemone, spiny sea urchins, and langosta are frequently sighted.


Sleeping Sharks Cave Isla Mujeres

Depth: 60 – 70 feet
This is an isolated and wild area to dive discovered by one of Isla’s local fisherman, Carlos Garcia, nicknamed “Valvula.” and made famous by Jacques Cousteau & Dr. Eugene Clark. Fresh water bubbles with a higher oxygen content attract a variety of sharks, making them groggy and allowing divers to get a close-up view. Bull, black tip, gray reef, and nurse sharks are occasionally seen.


Hool Reef Isla Mujeres

Depth: 25 – 30 feet
“Hool” a Maya word for “Hole”! As the name of this area suggests one sees what appears to be holes on the reef floor. Passing through the arch forms from one Hole to another a garden of sea fans and soft coral is revealed.


In addition to Caribbean diving, fresh-water cenote diving is also easily accessible with just a short ride to the mainland! The Yucatan peninsula’s incredible cenote diving is another special feature of Quintana Roo. Unique to the area are huge fresh water caverns decorated with stalactites and stalagmites. After two hundred and fifty million years of dramatic changes in sea level, these spectacular caves and caverns have been formed & are being explored by divers!

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